Hello, I'm Nikita Karaev

I am a Ph. D student at Meta AI and Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford advised by Christian Rupprecht, Natalia Neverova and Andrea Vedaldi. Before my PhD, I did an engineering program at École Polytechnique in beautiful Paris. Also, I enjoy running and exploring mountains 🏔️


  • Mar 2024: VGGSfM is accepted at CVPR 2024 as a highlight!
  • Jan 2024: Our CoTracker now supports tracking of 10x more points.
  • Aug 2023: We released CoTracker, a model for tracking any pixel in a video.
  • Mar 2023: My first PhD paper, DynamicStereo, has been accepted at CVPR 2023!
  • Jan 2022: I have started my PhD at Meta AI and Oxford!
  • Sep 2021: We climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe! 🏔️ 5642m
  • Aug 2021: I have completed the internship at FAIR.
  • May 2021: I have started a research internship at Facebook AI Research with Natalia Neverova and Andrea Vedaldi.


Visual Geometry Grounded Deep Structure From Motion

CVPR 2024 (Highlight)

We propose a new fully differentiable Structure-from-Motion pipeline.

CoTracker: It is Better to Track Together

CoTracker bridges the gap between long-term point tracking and Optical Flow by jointly tracking multiple points (pixels) throughout an entire video.

DynamicStereo: Consistent Dynamic Depth from Stereo Videos

CVPR 2023

We introduce Dynamic Replica, a synthetic benchmark dataset for dynamic depth-from-stereo models, and propose DynamicStereo, a temporally consistent disparity estimation model that we train on this dataset.